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We are actively seeking fresh, innovative insurtech ventures for investment opportunities, co-investment possibilities, or to introduce to our extensive network of investors. Please reach out to us for further details.

Insurtech investment in Tech

Our investments


We focus on investments that enable us to extend our distribution or product capabilities in the wider MENA region, only occasionally looking into Tech.

Stage and Thematic

We focus on everything pre-A. We are doing post-A as well when it makes sense, along with our colleagues from Epicure AM. We invest also as an LP in selective insurtech funds.

We look at the insurance value chain (product, underwriting, distribution, claims, customer service), and insurance adjacent thematic: health, mobility, finance, cyber, embedded.

Regional Scope

We cover MENA from Morocco to Oman, but are open occasionally to Africa, Europe, US and Asia, when it fits our strategy.

Ticket Sizing

We aim for 5 to 10 investments a year, with a ticket size of 100 to 500k USD.

Investment Approach

As a strategic CVC, we’re equally weighting strategic and financial return.

We usually target between 5 to 15% ownership and we like to co-invest, along with the wider MENA VC network we’ve built so far, bringing our insurtech expertise.

Our culture and ecosystem approach

We share a startup mindset, operating as close to VC practices as possible, empowered by our insurtech experience, leveraging mothership network and knowledge.

We focus on ecosystem building around insurtech in the MENA region, still greenfield.

We do, with this respect, engage consistently with startups in the region through competitions and frequent thought leadership events. It helps both startups and us expose and enable the growing insurtech practice in the MENA region.

Our growing network of investors

Regional investors:

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Pitch your ideas to us

We are curious about both your ideas and already established startups.


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